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Linda Conway and Christine Schein


Tear Down Those Walls:

Transforming Libraries for Learning



A Program in District 20 


Department: IT-ES

Grade Level: All

Two IT-ES team members, Linda Conway (President of the Colorado Association of Libraries) and Christine Schein (President-Elect of the Colorado Association of School Libraries) will be delivering a series of presentations at the state level entitled Tear Down those Walls. These presentations focus on transforming library spaces into flexible learning environments.    They are seeking District 20 school libraries that would be interested in taking steps toward this type of transformation to be used as case studies in their presentations.  No funds are required – just a willingness to rethink the structure, use, and design of the library over the coming school year.  If you are interested, please have your librarian contact Linda Conway (linda.conway@asd20.org).

Document Link: http://moss.asd20.org/Administrators/CommTool/Communication%20Tool%20Documents/DesignShare%20Imagining%20the%20Future%20of%20the%20School%20Library.mht


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